Reclaim your strength, drive and focus

My program will help you improve your digestion in 12 weeks, or I will continue working with you until you do*

Reclaim your strength, drive and focus

My program will help you improve your digestion in 12 weeks, or I will continue working with you until you do*

Happy Clients

From Healing Acid Reflux & Gut Health to Conquering Autoimmune Pain & Weight Loss: A Client Success Story!

Revitalizing Gut Health & Beating Constipation: A Journey to Overcome Panic Attacks, Fatigue, Low Libido & Weight Loss Triumph!

Targeting the Gut: The Key to Harmonized Hormones, Boosted Energy, and Reduced Inflammation!

Mastering Bowel Health & Banishing Stomach Pain: The Path to Freedom from Asthma, Allergies, and Achieving Weight Loss!

Functional vs. Conventional Medicine

Tired of constant setbacks?

Take the leap to lasting transformation. Elevate your digestive health, boost your energy, and achieve your goals with enduring results.

Create the Health and Life you Want

When you choose to embark on a health journey with me, you're not just getting a generic program; you're receiving a deeply personalized experience.

The one-on-one approach, ensures that every aspect of your wellness plan is meticulously tailored to your unique needs. There's no "one-size-fits-all" here.

From nutritional plans to supplement recommendations and lifestyle adjustments, everything is crafted based on your specific requirements and lab testing results.

Our process begins with an exhaustive collection of information, delving deep into your medical history. We trace back to periods even before your birth, encompassing every facet of your life up to the present day.

This includes a thorough examination of past medical records, environmental exposures, stress levels, relationship dynamics, and even past traumas.

By piecing together this intricate puzzle of your life, I can devise a comprehensive plan that holistically addresses every area of your well-being.

If you're struggling with poor gut health, you've probably tried everything from restrictive diets to juicing to not eating, and may have even given up because nothing seems to help.

But I'm here to tell you that it doesn't have to be that way.

Revitalize Your Health Journey: A Transformative Approach Awaits

Imagine waking up every day, feeling weighed down by persistent digestive discomfort, nights robbed of restful sleep, and days drained of energy.

This isn't just a minor inconvenience; it's a barrier that stands between you and your fullest potential.

Now, envision a life where these issues are a thing of the past.

Picture yourself with a calm, efficient digestive system, nights of deep, rejuvenating sleep, and days bursting with renewed vigor.

This isn't a distant dream; it's a tangible reality that Dr. Rosemarie can help you achieve. Grasp this opportunity and transform the way you experience life.

Happy Clients

My digestive health and energy have improved significantly following her guidance.

Victor Ortiz, MD

Orthopedic Surgeon Sub Specialty in Sports Medicine and Hip Preservation

She coached me, inspired me, SAW me, and lovingly held my hand as I navigated into what for me was unknown territory. Today, 5 months later I have lost 40 pounds, do not need any medication, acid reflux and pain is gone and I feel and look 20 years younger.

Ana Maria Frieri


Rosemarie's number one priority was helping her and making it easy in the process. She can now enjoy food without pain. My heart is happy again so is my daughter, enjoying life like she should have many years ago.

Carmen Tellado, Mom of Lucia

School Athlete

Thank you to Dr. Rutecki for helping me reset my gut and get rid of H. Pylori. Her recommendations have helped me lower my cholesterol, thyroid, and glucose levels

Maritza González

Army Veteran/Retired Teacher

I Can help you Transform your Health

Boost Digestive Health and Energize Your Life Forever!

Tailored Health Solutions:

Will You Join Our Course or Prefer One on One Coaching?

Online Course

One-on-One Coaching

Meet The Doctor

Meet Dr. Rosemarie Rutecki, a visionary Pharmacist with a passion for health and wellness.

With a Doctor of Pharmacy degree and Board Certification in Functional Medicine from the Institute of Functional Medicine, Dr. Rutecki is dedicated to uncovering the root cause of imbalances in your body.

Her approach to care goes beyond the surface symptoms and delves into the complex interplay of nutrition, digestion, detoxification, immune function, hormones, and metabolism.

By analyzing these critical areas, Dr. Rutecki empowers her clients to achieve optimal health and peak performance. Let's work together to create a healthier you!

Credentials and Certifications

  • BS Pharmacy, School of Pharmacy University of Puerto Rico, RCM

  • PharmD, Midwestern University School of Pharmacy, Chicago IL

  • Pharmacy Practice Residency, Evanston Northwestern Healthcare

  • Ashtanga Yoga Teacher, It’s Yoga Puerto Rico

  • Prenatal Yoga, Kripalu

  • InstituteMindfulness Meditation with Dr. John Kabat-Zinn, Omega Institute

  • Board Certified Functional Medicine, Institute of Functional Medicine

    • Applying Functional Medicine in Clinical

    • Practice Bioenergetics (formerly Energy)

    • Advanced Practice Module Cardiometabolic

    • Advanced Practice Module

    • Environmental Health (formerly Detox)

    • Advanced Practice Module

    • GI Advanced Practice Module

    • Hormone Advanced Practice Module

    • Immune Advanced Practice Module


Do you take insurance?

While insurance doesn't typically cover functional medicine, Dr. Rosemarie provides a variety of options suitable for all budgets. This ranges from online courses to personalized one-on-one programs.

How much the Discovery Call cost?

The initial discovery call is entirely complimentary on my part. My primary goal is to understand if you're a suitable fit for the program and if I can genuinely assist you. Dr. Rutecki is committed to working exclusively with clients who are prepared to prioritize and invest in their health. While this consultation typically holds a value of $250, consider it my gift to you.

How long does it to see results?

The majority of clients who adhere to the protocol typically begin to see positive results within the initial 30 days.

Do you offer a guarantee?

Dr. Rutecki is deeply committed to the well-being of her clients. For those enrolled in her one-on-one programs, if you've diligently followed the protocol and still haven't seen improvement by the end of the program, she promises to keep supporting and collaborating with you — without any additional charges — until your health improves.

Do I need to follow a specific diet plan, or can I continue eating the foods I enjoy?

We believe in flexibility and understanding that everyone has different preferences and dietary requirements. Our approach is not about strict diets but rather about making informed, sustainable choices. Your personalized plan will be tailored to your unique needs and may include guidelines on portion control, balanced nutrition, and healthy eating habits.

What kind of support can I expect from Dr. Rutecki?

When you enroll in a one-on-one program with Dr. Rutecki, she ensures comprehensive support. This includes unlimited access to her through text and email, in addition to personalized one-on-one calls and weekly group sessions. Dr. Rutecki is dedicated to helping you gain control over your digestive issues, enhance your sleep quality, and boost your energy — empowering you to excel at work, cherish family moments, and fully savor life.

Your How Do Our Meetings Occur?

We’re all about blending top-notch security with ultimate convenience. Every meeting is conducted via HIPAA-compliant video conferencing, ensuring your privacy and the confidentiality of your medical details are safeguarded. Forget the hassle of travel or the wait in office lounges. You’ll receive personalized, attentive care right where you’re most comfortable - your own space.

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